About Gastrolocos

Gastrolocos: Locos for hospitality

We are a group of “Locos” of hospitality with one goal in mind, helping all the restaurateurs and restaurant managers in the world.

We specialize in the creation of high quality websites made especially for the food and beverages industry. Because we know what you need in order to bring you more customers to your table.

We know how busy and frantic is the life behind the scene of a Restaurant, certainly there is no time to focus on a website, we take care of you so you can take care of your customers and employees.

The Crew

Our GastroLocos Team

We are not a simple group of Locos, we have something “Special” that distinguish us from other web designer companies. All of our team members have experience in hospitality. So we understand well what your needs are and what the customers needs are.

Davide D.

Founder & Web Designer

Luca B.

Co-Founder & Financial Manager

Stephanie H.

Designer & Photographer

Giorgia S.

Ambassador of Spain


1. Don’t be normal be Yourself (Boldness)

We Locos don’t have fear to push the boundaries and try new things.

2. As Confucius said...Don’t Be an A$$#0le (Fairness)

We treat everyone with respect and Fairness, don’t do unto others what you don’t what others do unto you.

3.IF WE DO IT, WE DO IT WELL (Quality)

We value the quality of our products, we don’t stop until everyone is satisfied. .

4. F**K RACISM, F**K SEXISM (Diversity)

We Gastrolocos do not tolerate any kind of discriminations.

5. NEVER STOP LEARNING and be curious (Continuous development)

We highly encourage personal growth and we will provide every tool to make it possible.

6. DO NOT TELL BULL$#!T (Transparency)

At Gastrologos we follow the full transparency protocol between manager, employees, clients and all stakeholders.

7. Be truly “hospitable” (Passion)

All our employees have deep roots in the Hospitality industry,to understand better the client’s needs.

8. Don’t forget You can never dream too Big (think Big)

We firmly believe that No dream or Idea it’s too big, and by working together we can make it real.

9. Viva la vida “Local” (Sustainability and local)

Yes we are “Locos” but we have strong ethical values especially about the environment. We care about it and so we manage our business to protect and preserve the earth’s natural resources. Whenever is possible we use local resources (human, natural and capital)

10... and DON'T FORGET TO HAVE FUN (Fun)

Who said that work shouldn't be fun? We want to have for us and our employees the most relaxing and stress-free workplace possible.

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